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Side Stone Rings



A woman slips a side stone engagement ring on her finger with a wedding band.
About Side Stone Rings

Dazzling and dynamic, side stone engagement rings have long been a popular style for those looking for a ring with a bit of glam. These rings typically feature a central diamond, flanked by smaller diamonds on either side. The side stones add extra sparkle, depth, and dimension to the ring. Moreover, side stones can be customized to complement the wearer's style, whether through different gemstone choices or setting designs. This versatility, combined with the extra brilliance they bring to the ring, makes side stone engagement rings a sought after choice for those who desire a ring that adds a personal touch to their symbol of love. Our inventory of side stone rings here at Michael Agnello Jewelers features an array of designer pieces that cater to a myriad of tastes.

Three side stone engagement rings on a ring display.
Popular Side Stone Engagement Ring Designers

Each designer adds their own distinct flair to side stone engagement rings, ensuring that couples have a plethora of choices. Simon G. is known for their intricate and artistic designs, often featuring pave-set diamonds that accentuate the center stone's brilliance. Frederic Sage brings a touch of romance and elegance to their creations, with side stones that add a distinctive charm to each piece. Meanwhile, Noam Carver's side stone engagement rings often incorporate modern designs and unique gemstone combinations for a bold statement. Imagine Bridal, on the other hand, focuses on classic elegance with a contemporary twist.

A woman holding a side stone engagement ring outside.
Additional Popular Designers with Side Stone Rings

Our discerning clientele can also browse a selection of bridal jewelry by Uneek, whose side stone designs often feature meticulously set diamonds that accentuate the center stone's brilliance, creating a breathtaking visual impact. Known for exquisite detailing and unique metalwork, Peter Storm infuses every piece with a touch of elegance and innovation. Valina offers a diverse range of side stone engagement rings, each with its own distinctive style, from vintage-inspired designs to modern classics. Demarco is celebrated for timeless and enduring creations that combine tradition with a contemporary twist, often incorporating intricate patterns and delicate side stones. With these renowned designers, couples can celebrate their love with unparalleled beauty.

A couple embraces on a bed, showing off her side stone engagement ring.
Buy Side Stone Engagement Rings at Michael Agnello Jewelers

At Michael Agnello Jewelers, your trusted St. Clair Shores jewelry store, we pride ourselves on offering an exquisite selection of side stone engagement rings that capture the essence of love and commitment. Our collection features designs from renowned artisans to ensure you find the perfect ring to symbolize your journey. We provide personalized services, including customization options, expert guidance, and jewelry repair services, to ensure your engagement ring shopping experience is nothing short of exceptional. Visit us today at Michael Agnello Jewelers, and let us help you discover the side stone engagement ring that will forever represent your love story.