About Jewelry Repair at Michael Agnello

Since 1996, Michael Agnello Jewelers’ full-service jewelry showroom has kept nearby communities supplied for special life moments in style. From our bridal to our fashion jewelry, we are committed to providing our customers with the most elegant pieces for now and many years to come. Stop by every year (or as needed) to keep your bracelets, earrings, necklaces, wedding band, or watches in pristine condition. Our expert jewelry repair specialists can keep  pieces as lustrous and functional as when they were first purchased. Regular repair and maintenance are crucial to passing on heirloom-quality pieces for generations.

The perfect jewelry piece can bring sentimental joy for many years, but keeping it in its original pristine condition requires regular maintenance and cleaning. While a simple soap and water solution at home can remove most dirt, oil, and other small debris, it is important to bring in your jewelry to a reputable jeweler for close inspection and cleaning. Jewelers can use a loupe to check for cracks, loose or chipped stones, and other wear and tear. Generally, we recommend bringing jewelry in for cleaning and inspection every six months or as needed.

Keeping your jewelry untouched in a storage compartment is no fun, but wearing it regularly will cause some wear and tear. Common problems include loose stones, broken prongs, busted chains or clasps on a necklace, and a dull or faded sheen. One can even outgrow jewelry. For instance, resizing a ring often creates a more comfortable feel without changing the look.  Even if nothing is functionally wrong with your jewelry, trust a professional to give your stones and metals a thorough polish and cleaning. Regular maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your jewelry.

Why Get Your Jewelry Repaired at Michael Agnello Jewelers

Michael Agnello Jewelers in St. Clair Shores, Michigan offers a wide range of jewelry services for the residents of Roseville, Grosse Pointe Woods, Eastpointe, and nearby communities. Let us take care of your precious investments. Our expertly trained jewelers can transform a dull, loose, or broken treasured keepsake back into a lustrous, functional, and stylish one you can use to accent your wardrobe. Don't wait any longer to get your jewelry repaired or cleaned. We also offer appraisals and watch repair. Contact us at 586-294-7730 or send us an email at