What are Anniversary Bands?

Although engagement and wedding rings are generally what people think about when they consider bridal rings, there is one more type that will make a bridal stack truly unique. An anniversary band celebrates the years that you have spent together in marriage and are generally given on milestone anniversaries. These rings can also be wonderfully customized to the person who will be wearing them. Our team at Michael Agnello Jewelers has put together a guide to anniversary bands that should help your search for a fantastic gift they will love.

Anniversary Bands and Wedding Bands: What's the Difference?

Anniversary bands are generally bought from the wedding band section of a jeweler's inventory, but the distinction between the two is when the rings are given. Wedding bands are exchanged during the marriage ceremony, whereas anniversary bands are given to celebrate being together on milestone dates. Each couple can decide when the right moment to add to a bridal stack is for their specific relationship. Traditionally the fifth or tenth wedding anniversary tends to be a momentous occasion, but every couple has different ideas about this.

Anniversary Ring Styles

There is no right or wrong ring for an anniversary band. Consider the person you are shopping for and buy a ring that will fit into their aesthetic. Eternity rings are bands inlaid with an unbroken row of diamonds or gemstones around the precious metal. These rings signify an unbroken loyalty and love between you two. Vibrant details to add to your bridal stack, like gemstones in their favorite color or birthstone. This sapphire and diamond band by Imagine Bridal will spice up the classic diamonds in a personal way. Perhaps a delicate pave wedding band by Uneek with its hand etched details that give it a vintage-inspired look that will be lovely next to your wedding band and engagement ring.

Popular Anniversary Ring Designers

We are honored to carry a variety of world-renowned designers that are sought-after for their stylish and innovative designs. Noam Carver creates pieces with impeccable attention to detail. Known for their daring designs and mixed metal details, Simon G. makes marvelous rings for men and women that would be a great way to celebrate a significant anniversary. Dedicated to modern luxury, Carlex makes sophisticated bands for men so they can upgrade their wedding band as well. Each of these designers and the rest we house offer incredible rings that will suit many aesthetics.

Shop Anniversary Bands at Michael Agnello Jewelers

Enjoy looking through our incredible selection of bridal rings at our Michael Agnello Jewelers showroom that will make an excellent anniversary ring for your spouse. Our talented team of professionals will happily guide you through the designer collections we house until you find the ring you want to give to celebrate the years you have been together. We also offer a range of jewelry services to maintain your bridal stack for many years to come. Visit our St. Clair Shores jewelry store for an atmosphere of luxury and stress-free shopping.