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Introduction to Engagement Ring Settings

An engagement ring’s setting is one of the most essential aspects to take into consideration when searching for the perfect ring. The intricacies involved in the setting, such as accent diamonds and side stones, blend together to accentuate the overall essence of the ring and elevate the center stone. Choosing the right engagement ring setting will embody the devotion and everlasting love between you and your partner. 

Solitaire Rings  

Solitaire rings have a single diamond or gemstone, often with an unadorned shank to showcase the center stone even more. There are some designers that have reinvented the solitaire style to include hidden diamonds, delicate metalwork, and cathedral settings. This allows for a little more creative freedom without detracting away from the star of the show, the center stone. These engagement rings are some of the most popular. Many brides love the simplicity and elegance behind having a single stone. 

Side Stone Rings  

Side stone rings are great for adding more sparkle and glamour to the engagement ring. Gemstones, typically diamonds, are set inside the shank, naturally leading the eye to the center stone. Some rings use the traditional styling, with delicate settings that do not contain much detail; however, others do not. For brides that want something more vintage or luxe, side stones can be incorporated into intricate metalwork. To add an even more personal touch, the stone can be cut into different shapes, like emerald, princess, and pear

Halo Rings 

Halo rings can be summed up in one word: luxurious. Sparkling stones surround the center diamond, captivating the eye as light is reflected off of the surface. With its growing popularity, designers have found new ways to make halos more intriguing by adding floral motifs, geometric halos, and even double halos for maximum shine. Halos are loved because they create an illusion of a large center stone, allowing for smaller and bigger diamonds to appear magnified in size. 

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings represent the past, present, and future of a couple’s lives together. This sentimentality is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular styles. Traditionally, the center stone is the larger one, but many brides opt for all the stones to be the same size to create uniformity. This style also allows for more freedom in the cut of the stones, with the princess cut making for a contemporary look, while the brilliant round creates a softer, more classic aesthetic.

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