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Warm Gold Jewelry Ideal For Summer

June 15th, 2022

Warm Gold Jewelry Ideal For Summer 0

Exquisite and cheery, yellow gold is the perfect precious metal with which to accent all of your summertime ensembles. Not only does its warm hue emulate the ever-present sunshine, but it is also incredibly versatile and will work well with nearly any color palette. Our style experts at Michael Agnello Jewelers have selected some of our favorite pieces ideal for summer wear from our designer inventory.

Warm Gold Jewelry Ideal For Summer 0

Glittering Gold Necklaces

Whether you want your necklace to be the star of the show or play a supporting role in your look, yellow gold is a phenomenal metal choice. Its inviting glow is also great for drawing the eye to your face.

Gold is an excellent metal to pair with colorful gems to bring out the undertones of warm-colored stones or give an interesting contrast to cool-colored stones. This mother of pearl pendant from Frederic Sage, for instance, is beautifully supported by its flawless yellow gold setting. Yellow gold also beautifully mirrors the exquisite shine of clear diamonds.

Warm Gold Jewelry Ideal For Summer 0

Stylish Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets are timeless and versatile additions to any warm-weather wardrobe, from chains to cuffs to bangles. These elegant pieces will glitter from every angle, reflecting the sunlight as you move throughout your summer days.

Choose a lightweight gold bangle, like this 14k gold diamond-studded piece from Uneek, for easy wear on a hot day. Or, for a more formal look, don an elegant pearl bracelet with gold accents that will speak volumes to your elevated taste.

Warm Gold Jewelry Ideal For Summer 0

Enchanting Gold Earrings

Frame your face and draw attention to your most essential features with a dreamy pair of yellow gold earrings. Whether the earrings are made of only gold or are inlaid with sparkling gems, these classic pieces will bring an air of sophistication and refinement to any ensemble.

Though these stunning drop earrings from Simon G. feature both silver and gold in their design, the yellow gold elements are undoubtedly the star of the show. Mixing yellow gold with white gold or sterling silver and diamonds is a phenomenal way to accentuate the unique sheen yellow gold possesses.

Warm Gold Jewelry Ideal For Summer 0

Eye-Catching Gold Rings

Let your every move be wonderfully accentuated with one or several flawless yellow gold fashion rings. Dot your fingers with either daring or more subdued pieces that will glint and glimmer and capture the attention of onlookers.

Thin-banded pieces like this unique gold ring from Beny Sofer are perfect for stacking together with other pieces to create a varied look. In contrast, statement rings such as this intricate Amden ring will garner appreciation all on their own.

Warm Gold Jewelry Ideal For Summer 0

Shop Gold Jewelry for Summer at Michael Agnello Jewelers

It has been our joy at Michael Agnello Jewelers to provide our community with stunning, high-quality designer jewelry since our company’s inception in 1996. Our St. Clair Shores jewelry store is stocked with collections from renowned brands around the world.

We are confident you will find many warm yellow pieces to fit your summer wardrobe and last a lifetime. Contact us for more information on who we are and what we do today.