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Vintage-inspired Engagement Rings to Fall in Love With

January 15th, 2022

Vintage-inspired Engagement Rings to Fall in Love With 0

Vintage-inspired rings are brimming with history and trendiness. It’s easy to see why they’ve exploded in popularity. These rings display classic designs that have become iconic in our hearts and minds. Below, we’ll dive into the history and features of a vintage-inspired engagement ring so you can shop for one with confidence.

What Are Vintage Style Engagement Rings?

Vintage-inspired rings are highly coveted due to their history and iconic designs. We can break down these rings into a few critical periods. The oldest and rarest is Georgian, which incorporates ornate floral detailing.

Next is the Victorian, which was characterized by romance and heart-shaped motifs. The Edwardian era followed with even more intricate patterns and the growing popularity of platinum.

Finally, we have art nouveau, a style embracing asymmetry, and art deco, which has seen a massive resurgence among designers in recent years. It favors geometric patterns and the heavy use of diamonds to offset various gemstones.

Vintage-Style Engagement Ring Elements

There are some signature elements to look out for when browsing these engagement rings. Understanding what to look for can help you pick out a ring that matches your personal style. Vintage-style rings encompass an extensive breadth of designs, so it helps to have an idea of their iconic features.

Vintage-inspired Engagement Rings to Fall in Love With 0

The Famous Filigree

Filigreerefers to a metalworking technique that uses metal threads to create ornate lace-lake designs, especially floral patterns and heart shapes. Many of these rings showcase diamond accents or engravings. This Peter Storm Engagement Ring exhibits intricate detailing throughout the gallery of this 18k white gold band. The solitaire diamond set offers a touch of understated radiance.

Vintage-inspired Engagement Rings to Fall in Love With 0

Remarkable Milgrain

Milgrain originated in the art deco era. It involves adding tiny dots or beads, often placed as borders around the shank. This design technique requires heightened precision and attention to detail. This Noam Carver Bezel Engagement Ring features the coveted milgrain design and 14k rose gold. The bezel setting offers the center stone increased hold and durability.

Vintage-inspired Engagement Rings to Fall in Love With 0

National Geometrics

Geometric shapes took off in the art deco era. This was the height of surrealism in art, and the movement influenced many jewelry designers. We see various patterns, mostly rectangles, squares, and triangles offsetting luminous gemstones. This Peter Storm Geometry Engagement Ring features 14k white gold crowned with a brilliant diamond center stone. Trilliant sapphires mount the shoulders as pave set diamonds descend the shank.

Vintage-inspired Engagement Rings to Fall in Love With 0

Natural Allure

Naturalistic patterns flourished during the Georgian era. Rings dating this far back are rare, but many modern designers have been inspired by these designs and incorporate floral motifs into their pieces based on these old-world designs.This Simon G. Garden Engagement Ring features 18k white gold and exquisite filigree detailing. Diamonds pave set form a half-circle of unrivaled radiance.

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