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Tips for Picking the Ideal Wedding Date

December 15th, 2022

A newly-married couple kiss before leaving their wedding, as bridesmaids throw golden confetti in celebration

When planning a wedding, choosing the date your ceremony will be held is one of the first and most important decisions you have to make. This decision, however, can be one of the hardest, as there are many things to consider. Our team at Michael Agnello have put together a guide to some aspects you should consider in order to narrow down your ideal wedding date options.

A newly-married couple elegantly walk away from their wedding and stroll through a springtime meadow

Settle On a Season

One of the easiest places to start is by determining what season of the year best suits you and your partner’s preferences. Are you hoping for an outdoor wedding but do not want it to be too hot? Perhaps spring or fall would be a good option. Hoping for a snow-covered wedding day? Choose a date at the peak of the winter season. If you are getting married in an already cold place, you will likely want to choose a summer wedding when the weather is more mild.

A detail shot of a vintage-inspired solitaire ring in a black ring box on white fabric

Consider the Length of Your Engagement

Once you have settled on the particular season in which your wedding is to be held, think of the amount of time you would prefer your engagement to last. For instance, if it is May when you are planning your wedding and you want it to be held in the fall, a few months may not be enough time to sufficiently execute all of your wedding day dreams. So, you may want to wait until next year. However, for some, such a long engagement may not feel suitable. Again, this is a matter of personal preference and what is possible for your unique circumstances.

A newly married couple pause to embrace their church venue with each other while the bride holds her bouquet

Find a Venue

The venue you choose will play a big role in determining your wedding date. For example, if your heart is set on a specific venue that is particularly popular, there may only be a few dates around the time you want your wedding to be held. If you do not want to feel so restricted, however, you may want to choose a more unconventional venue with greater availability. Your venue may also determine what month of year you have your wedding, as outdoor spaces may require milder weather, or have different scheduling availability.

A bride laughs with her group of bridesmaids in royal blue gowns before the wedding ceremony

Talk With Your Loved Ones

On the most important of days, you will want to be certain your closest family and friends will be able to be in attendance. Speak with your must-have loved ones about their calendars, specifically if there are any dates they would not be able to attend a wedding on. However, keep in mind that you may not be able to satisfy everyone, and at the end of the day, it is, after all, a day about you and your partner. Keeping your loved ones in the loop of your plans will allow them to plan their schedules accordingly as well.

A bride tosses a bouquet of childhood dolls to the women who attended her fall ceremony

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