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The Top 5 Anniversary Bands at Michael Agnello

August 15th, 2021

The Top 5 Anniversary Bands at Michael Agnello 0

Every passing year of marriage deserves a celebration. As anniversaries come and go, they represent a chance to remind your love of how special they are and how you value them, their heart and the life you have built together. What better way to do that than with a stunning piece of jewelry they can wear forever?

Remind her of the first time you said ‘I do’ with a new diamond ring that symbolizes the promise you made all those years before. Our team at Michael Angello has created this guide to help you find an anniversary band that represents the years you’ve been together, the love you have and your unwavering commitment.

Celebrate Your Endless Love

We’re kicking off with the ring that casts a clear symbol of eternal love—the eternity wedding band. What better way to represent your endless love? An eternity band is one of the best choices for an anniversary band because it holds deeper meaning while illuminating a bridal ring stack with a new line of remarkable diamonds.

If you’re looking for a piece that fits in this category, we recommend a prong-set wedding band. The diamonds are highlighted to their full extent when gently held by delicate prongs that allow the most luminous reflection of light to bounce off the stones. For an incredibly beautiful option, look no further than this Uneek diamond eternity band. Your wife will have ladies everywhere gushing over the magnificent diamonds circling around her finger.

The Top 5 Anniversary Bands at Michael Agnello 0

A Nested Ring Stack

Rising in popularity, nested rings are a new style many women tend to gravitate toward. This style of ring is perfect for a bridal ring stack as it offers curved points that both hug the engagement ring and form a new silhouette. When you choose a nested ring, it will actually look like you gave your engagement ring a little crown to wear.

This anniversary band style is a modern revelation. Specifically, Gabriel & Co. offers a gorgeous selection of nested rings, like this curved diamond band. It’s filled with beautiful diamonds and intricate detailing throughout the entire piece. The scalloped band is delicate and gives off a slightly vintage appearance.

A Grand Gesture For Ten Years Together

A ten-year anniversary is a tremendous milestone that usually warrants a gift of this nature. For a grand gesture that will sweep your forever bride off of her feet, a glamorous diamond wedding band will elicit a breathtaking reveal.

The Top 5 Anniversary Bands at Michael Agnello 0

One of the most popular styles is a wider set band with two rows of diamonds, similar to this Amden Seamless Wedding Band. The double rows of diamonds overflow onto the edges of the ring with another row lining each edge. This anniversary band glistens exquisitely when the light hits it from any angle. Certain diamond cuts like the classic round brilliant are a great choice as they give off more luminous light than any other stone.

First Year Anniversary’

If you’re looking for radiance, warmth and welcoming, you can’t go wrong with a gold wedding band. Typically, wedding bands of this nature are used to symbolize a one-year anniversary together. Although it is only the beginning, start your marriage off strong by gifting a diamond band for your very first anniversary.

The Top 5 Anniversary Bands at Michael Agnello 0

You don’t want to set the bar too high and risk spending years trying to obtain the initial glory, so for the first anniversary, we recommend choosing a more delicate, demure band with subtle diamond details. Noam Carver has just the solution with this yellow gold scalloped diamond band, which makes a perfect layer to stack with a bridal ring set.

Keep Your Wife’s Style in Mind

If you are shopping alone for your beautiful bride, it’s helpful to keep in mind her personal style. While there are no hard and fast rules to follow with this type of search, being prepared and understanding your options will certainly be the best way to approach this purchase. This is your time to go the extra mile and shine! Stop into your local jeweler to get expert advice won’t you give them some insight into your wife’s current rings and overall personality.

The Top 5 Anniversary Bands at Michael Agnello 0

Aside from the styles we have talked about here, floral-inspired wedding bands are the final popular choice for 2021 brides. This Uneek floral diamond anniversary band could be a great option for your nature-loving wife. Whether she has a green thumb, or she simply enjoys a beautiful bouquet, a floral ring is delicately feminine and always beautiful.

Surprise Your Wife With A Diamond Anniversary Band At Michael Agnello

It’s understandable that shopping for an anniversary band might be overwhelming. You might have thought your days for shopping for a diamond ring were over, but this romantic gesture is worth it to see the look of love and excitement as you pop open the box.

At Michael Agnello Jewelers, we ensure you receive the support you need to decide on any jewelry gift for a loved one. Request an appointment and you will see how easy we make it is to view your options in any price range and style. Our professional team will not stop until you are satisfied with your purchase and have that special ring that will continue to say “I love you” for years to come.