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Summer Fun Means Taking A Few Extra Steps to Care of Your Jewelry

July 15th, 2021

Summer Fun Means Taking A Few Extra Steps to Care of Your Jewelry 0

Jewelry is one of the best ways to personalize and accessorize any outfit. You can use your imagination and let your personality shine through. Summertime is the perfect excuse to let your hair down and revel in excitingly vibrant jewelry.

However, while sitting by the pool or lying on the beach, your precious jewelry needs to be protected. We are happy to announce that we have compiled a list of tips for taking care of all your valuable jewelry during the summer heat.


As a general rule, it's best to remove your treasured jewelry before dipping into the swimming pool or frolicking in the saltwater waves, as the chemicals and salt can damage your jewelry finishes. These two elements become extremely toxic to jewelry; they will eat away at the metal alloys, leaving your jewelry at best dull and at worst tarnished.

Over time, jewelry that has been exposed to these components will start to tarnish. As a result, metals such as sterling silver, gold and platinum will discolor. It will slowly erode the finish as well as your polished gemstones, which can be devastating to your jewelry.

Summer Fun Means Taking A Few Extra Steps to Care of Your Jewelry 0


An important rule to remember is not to wear your jewelry when applying sunscreen or lotion of any kind. Additionally, when you’re in the shower, you will want to remove all of your jewelry as a film of coating will begin to develop on your jewelry, therefore reducing refractive and reflective light, making each piece look dull and lifeless.

Lotions have the potential to build up over time and loosen the prongs holding precious stones. If you know you will be applying sunscreen or swimming in any kind of water, consider leaving your fine jewelry pieces at home. Bright lights and high temperatures could also potentially harm your jewelry.


Consider keeping your jewelry in a case lined with fabric or in a box with compartments and dividers to prevent pieces from scratching each other. For example, a diamond pendant could scratch a pearl necklace—who wants that happening? No one! All jewelry owners should correctly store the special jewelry they love.

This is especially needed when you’re traveling. Pack your jewelry in individual soft cloth pouches or lined jewelry boxes to prevent scratching, dulling and tangling of chains. Remember to always carry your jewelry with you, in your purse or a carry-on bag, but never put it in checked luggage as you may never see it again.


Understandably, taking off your jewelry before heading to bed might not be a top priority for most, or it might slip your mind. Sleeping in jewelry can wear down the settings and can result in losing the backs of earrings or gemstones in your sheets. This could cause more issues than just remembering to take them off before sleeping.

If you really want to go the extra mile to make sure your jewelry stays in prime condition, take your jewelry off before bed and use a disinfectant wipe or soft cloth to clean daily oils from your skin that can attach to your pieces. It is a good practice to keep a small dish or tray on your nightstand for your everyday jewelry.

Summer Fun Means Taking A Few Extra Steps to Care of Your Jewelry 0


As much fun as it is to build magical sandcastles and dig endless holes on the beach, it’s important to remove all jewelry before doing so—especially your rings and bracelets since they’re the pieces that will be most affected by the sand. Even the finest sand can act like coarse sandpaper and scratch your gems and precious metals.

When picking out your jewelry for the day, take into consideration your schedule of activities. Are you going to the beach? Will you and your friends want to swim in the water? Consider your plans for the day, and leave some of your jewelry items at home. This is the best way to keep them glowing, safe and happy. These tips are a great way to keep your precious stones and metals looking brilliant all year long.


Now that you’re prepared to care for your jewelry, it’s time to spice up your collection! Take a look at Michael Agnello Jeweler’s fresh jewelry trends that are sure to add a pop of color to your summer wardrobe. While you want to be careful with your jewelry in the summer, it can still be fun to splurge and buy yourself those beautiful earrings you’ve always wanted. Michael Agnello Jewelers is the perfect place for you to do that. Our team is dedicated to helping each one of our clients find something special to them.