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Stack Your Favorite Necklaces Like a Pro

March 15th, 2023

Close up image of a woman’s neckline, wearing three gold necklaces of varying lengths and styles

Nothing is more chic and vivacious than a good necklace stack. This trend has been around for years, and when any trend persists for this long, it is time to consider it a classic. Express your style like never before with an ever-changing mix of possibilities as you combine your favorite pieces into a voguish look.

Find Your Focus

Selecting a centerpoint is a perfect way to start planning your first necklace stack. As the phrase suggests, this piece takes the center stage, so choose a necklace that represents who you are or what is close to your heart. Oftentimes, the focal point is a pendant with a charming motif, but you can select practically any type of necklace, including a quirky chain or a pretty lariat. Once you start mastering the art of necklace layering, you can even consider having more than one star of the show.

Strategize Your Layers

Ideally, you should choose a minimum of 2 necklaces and a maximum of 6 to feature in your stack. But, when planning out your layers, keep in mind that you should choose different lengths to achieve this beautiful cascading effect. Prevent a cluttered appearance by keeping a consistent space between each piece. Typically, two inches between each necklace works best, but when layering multiple chain necklaces, consider layering them only one inch apart.

A woman reading and wearing a pair of silver necklaces of different lengths

Choose Versatile Pieces

Versatile necklaces are popular to use in layering. These all-around pieces include understated yet chic pieces, and they can complement many sets as accents to your focal point. Bar necklaces, chain necklaces, station necklaces, and coin pendants are the most popular choices, as they can easily be dressed up and down, depending on what style you are striving to achieve. This is also where you can add different textures using different types of chains and materials.

Match Your Neckline

When planning your necklace stack, it is important to consider the necklines of your outfits. Scoop necks or v-necks are the most ideal. However, this does not mean that you cannot pair a layered look with a casual crew neck or any other neckline. In order for your favorite pieces to not get lost, make sure your shortest layer is short enough to show above the neckline or long enough to dip right below it. Think of the neckline you choose to don as a frame, as they should work together instead of compete.

A woman sitting in the sun, wearing two layered gold necklaces with coin pendants

Mix Up Textures

Incorporating different textures into your necklace layers makes your combination distinctly stylish and remarkably functional, as this method cleverly prevents tangles. Chunky chains paired with dainty necklaces are much less likely to tangle together. Dainty pieces paired with other dainty necklaces are way more likely to tangle. Tangles can damage your favorite pieces, so it is important to prevent them before disaster happens. When putting on your necklaces, put on the more modest pieces first and then chunky necklaces to weigh down the lighter.

A woman wearing a black hijab and layered necklaces and bracelets

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