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Sparkling Diamond Jewelry Combos

December 15th, 2023

close up image of a woman’s neckline donning a layered diamond necklace and a diamond ring

Crafting a stunning display of elegance with diamond jewelry pairings requires selecting pieces that sing in harmony. Whether it's the perfect coupling of a diamond tennis bracelet with a classic watch or the strategic layering of necklaces for a luxurious cascade, each piece is chosen to complement the next. The interplay of light and reflection between complementary styles amplifies the inherent splendor of the diamonds. For an unmatched selection that promises to illuminate any wardrobe, our range of designer diamond jewelry stands as a beacon of quality and design.

a pair of chandelier earrings and an emerald cut diamond pendant necklace

Elegant and Elongated

When curating your jewelry wardrobe, consider pairing diamond accessories that share similar silhouettes for a sophisticated and unified look. For instance, choose pieces like this incredible pendant necklace by Simon G. that features a series of bold, baguette cut diamonds and this sparkling pair of Uneek drop earrings that are also set with emerald cut diamonds. This combination presents an elegance that's timeless yet distinct, with cuts that catch the light and create a dance of brilliance with every movement. The consistency in diamond cut and the overall silhouette of the pieces creates a cohesive look that feels very put together and sophisticated.

a timeless tennis bracelet next to a pair of halo diamond stud earrings

Timeless and Traditional

Choosing the perfect combination of diamond jewelry is akin to finding pieces that stand the test of time with their iconic styles. The classic tennis bracelet, like this one by Beny Sofer, is a paragon of timeless design. Its symmetrical setting provides a continuous sparkle around the wrist, making it a staple for any collection. Complement it with the understated glamor of Amden's diamond halo stud earrings, which frame the face with their radiant light. This pairing works exceptionally well together, as both pieces embody enduring elegance that's neither overbearing nor understated. Together, they offer a balanced and sophisticated look suitable for any occasion, exuding a luxury that's always in vogue.

a mixed metal fashion ring with chain and diamond details next to a chain bracelet with a diamond studded link

Cute and Contemporary

Selecting jewelry pieces that mirror each other's overall aesthetic can fashion an aesthetically harmonious set that elevates any modern wardrobe. For instance, you could seek out pieces that both have a strikingly modern feel. This chunky fashion ring with bold chain links by Frederic Sage makes a statement with its innovative design. Pair it with this Beny Sofer chain bracelet featuring a diamond-studded link, and you forge a connection between two cutting-edge pieces. This parallel in modernity and fresh design language translates to a unified look that's strikingly modern. The shared bold links and diamond accents create a synchronized appearance that is effortlessly chic and on-trend, perfect for the fashion-forward individual.

a three tiered diamond pendant necklace next to a fashion ring covered in diamonds

Pretty and Prominent

It’s also essential, when pairing diamond jewelry, to balance the visual weight of each piece to ensure that they complement rather than compete with each other. You may decide, for example, that rather than wearing one prominent piece with other very minimalist ones, to go bold all around, selecting two or three pieces that are all equal in boldness for a jaw-dropping effect. This tiered diamond pendant necklace by Uneek and fashion ring by Amden, both dripping in diamonds, exemplify this concept. The necklace's cascading design draws the eye downward, just as the ring's abundant diamond accents command attention without overshadowing. Matching their boldness allows each piece to share the spotlight, creating an ensemble where the grandeur of one enhances the splendor of the other.

a woman laying in fall leaves, wearing a pair of diamond hoop earrings and a diamond choker

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