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Movado Watches: Making Modern Moves

January 10th, 2021

Movado Watches: Making Modern Moves 0

There is a reason that Movado’s tagline is “Modern Ahead of Its Time.” For decades, Movado has created dazzling timepieces that are at the forefront of technological innovation. So why should you consider buying a Movado watch? Read on for some exclusive information!

A Brief History of Movado

Movado was founded in 1881 in Switzerland. Its most significant claim to fame is the minimalist design choice that graces the face of every watch. They are known for their singular dot situated at the 12 o’clock hand of each face and their slim watch hands which, over time, have turned into an artistic statement.

Movado has done a number of successful collaborations over the years that have added artistic breath to their designer pieces. Their Museum design is quite literally a work of art, as it is showcased in 20 museums across the world, including the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Movado has been ahead of the artistic curve for generations, and one look at their collections should tell you exactly why.

Museum Classic

As previously mentioned, the Museum design is an artistic and technological marvel that is showcased across the world. Today, you can take home a watch with the same superior level of quality in the Museum Classic collection. As you probably guessed, every design in the Museum Classic collection is based off of the same design that has gotten such widespread international recognition, putting a storied classic in the hands of the everyday man and woman.

Museum: Popular Watches for Men

On the men’s side, one watch that deserves special recognition is this men’s Museum Classic timepiece. This design beautifully combines the storied significance of the museum design with the unparalleled regality of yellow gold that makes the result truly fit for a king. While the face showcases how fantastic the design is, Movado’s intricate craftsmanship is put on full display in the watchband. Tiny chains of gold wrap around each other, resulting in a sleek pattern that results in a comfortable fit around the wrist.

Museum: Popular Watches for Women

Designs on the women’s side are slightly more delicate but are equal in terms of their astonishing elegance. Similar to the designs showcased on the men’s side, the world-renowned museum design is ever-present, and the watch band showcases a similar level of intricate details. What sets this timepiece apart is the artistic design of the watch face. Instead of being a solid color, this delicate watch face resembles the appearance of a breathtaking sky, giving women who wear it a moment of peace whenever looking at their wrist to stay present with their busy schedule.

Movado Watches: Making Modern Moves 0


While maintaining the storied one dot, two lines approach, the Bold collection gives each watch a striking appearance with a remarkable amount of variety from watch to watch. This collection offers a broader range of customization than the Museum Classic, allowing you to pick from a variety of different hues and watch strap styles. Watch complications are much more common in this collection and add another layer of usefulness to an already-handy product.

Bold: Popular Watches for Men

One of the most striking examples can be found in this sleek men’s watch. Black and gold hues give off the perfect compliment to each other, as each emanates a powerful aura that can leave you hypnotized at first glance. This design adds a twist to Modavo’s signature element by adding gold lines to mark each hour hand, giving the watch an extra layer of depth. This design is further customized by the addition of the date complication, making this watch as useful as it is stunning.

Bold: Popular Watches for Women

Women’s watches in the Bold collection add a sophisticated spin to an already prominent appearance. A majority of women’s watches in this collection utilize diamond studs for the circle that marks 12 o’clock, but this women’s diamond timepiece, in particular, takes it a step further, encircling diamond studs around the border of the watch to add an unmistakable shine to it. This feature, combined with the extravagant golden hues that paint the face and band, will have onlookers mistaking you for royalty. The Bold collection sports watches made for a queen—without the royal price tag.

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A jewelry designer of such pristine and significant quality deserves to be carried by a retailer that promises that same quality to its consumers. At Michael Agnello Jewelers, we are proud to carry this designer as part of our incredible lineup of men’s and women’s watches. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to meet your jewelry needs, and you will be treated like family regardless of income or personal preference.

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