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Jewelry Trends To Dip Into This Summer

July 15th, 2023

Close up image of a woman wearing an elaborately designed earring

This summer at Michael Agnello Jewelers, expect a vibrant celebration of maximalism across our jewelry collections. Discover statement-making necklaces with large, colorful gemstones, bold hoop earrings, chunky bracelets, and extravagant cocktail rings - all embracing the beauty of excess. This trend is defined by its audacious appeal, allowing wearers to express their individuality. Despite the varied styles, each piece shares a love for the grandeur, reflecting the true essence of maximalism. Step into our store to experience the allure of this style and let your personality shine through your jewelry this season.

A large, mixed metal fashion ring by Simon G. with diamond accents

Chunky Rings

Chunky fashion rings are making a grand entrance this summer, setting a trend that's hard to ignore. These statement pieces, like this mixed metal ring from Simon G., are characterized by their generous size, intricate designs, and striking gemstones, capturing attention with every hand gesture. This particular ring features an impressive cluster of round diamonds, all meticulously arranged to create a breathtaking shimmer as well as mixed metal details. These bold rings reflect the season's spirit of exuberance and freedom, embodying the essence as well as mixed m of summer in their design. They allow you to express your unique style while adding a dash of opulence to your warm-weather ensembles.

Distinctive, detailed, silver chain necklace by Uneek

Eye-Catching Chains

This summer, fashionistas are turning to large chain necklaces and bracelets to make a statement, and for good reason. These pieces are the epitome of boldness, featuring prominent links that add a striking aesthetic to any outfit. Take, for example, this Uneek Bouquet necklace. This diamond chain necklace elegantly combines the toughness of chunky links with the delicate allure of diamonds, creating a piece that's both bold and feminine. Large chains are going to be big this summer because they reflect the season's mood of embracing the extravagant, all while offering a versatile accessory that can elevate both casual and formal looks. So, prepare to see a lot of these audacious chains adding a touch of maximalist glamor to summer styles.

A silver, woven cuff bracelet with intricate details

Bold Cuff Bracelets

Bold cuff bracelets, such as this Charles Garnier Paolo cuff, are taking center stage this summer. These audacious accessories, boasting sizable structures and intricate designs, make a statement of confidence and individuality. This large, intricately detailed cuff, with its woven texture and lustrous finish, is an embodiment of this trend - a blend of sophistication and boldness. The popularity of these cuffs lies in their ability to add a distinct edge to any ensemble, striking a balance between elegance and maximalist appeal. Embrace this trend for a summer look that's both daring and chic.

A pair of elaborately designed earrings featuring diamonds and colorful gems

Elaborate Earrings

Elaborately designed drop earrings are predicted to be a summer sensation, and this pair by Frederic Sage is a perfect example. These earrings, with their intricate design and generous size, scream opulence and creativity. The Frederic Sage pair, adorned with sparkling diamonds and a mesmerizing multicolored stone, provides a stunning spectacle. This summer, such earrings allow wearers to make a bold statement without uttering a word. They encapsulate the season's maximalist trend, where more is more, and elegance is measured not in subtlety, but in the audacity of design and the exuberance of style.

A woman’s hand in her lap, adorned with a large ring and a cuff bracelet

Shop Summer Jewelry Trends at Michael Agnello Jewelers

Make this summer unforgettable with maximalist jewelry trends available at Michael Agnello Jewelers. Visit our St. Clair Shores jewelry store to explore our extensive collection of bold rings, chunky chains, statement cuff bracelets, and large, intricately designed earrings. Our expert team is ready to help you navigate this season's most dazzling trends. For more information, feel free to contact us. We look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect pieces to express your individual style and make a bold impression this summer. Michael Agnello Jewelers - where maximalist summer trends come to life.