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Grow and Bloom into Spring With Floral Jewelry

March 15th, 2022

Grow and Bloom into Spring With Floral Jewelry 0

Spring is the season of flowers. Also known as “blooms” or “blossoms,” flowers are actually used primarily for the reproduction of the plant. This is why they are so bright and colorful as they attract bees and other pollinating insects. While they did not evolve to attract humans, for some there is certainly an allure as we plant and grow them everywhere to adorn our homes and businesses with these beautiful plants.

Jewelry makers have taken inspiration from these enchanting flora and made many gorgeous pieces. Floral jewelry uses forms and motifs reminiscent of nature.

Grow and Bloom into Spring With Floral Jewelry 0

Unbe-leaf-able Earrings

A pair of earrings is an excellent way to show off floral and nature-inspired jewelry. With so many styles, this allows designers to create a number of innovative ways to incorporate flower motifs, like petals, into the design. Earrings are also an essential part of any wardrobe, as their placement accentuates and frames the face. This is especially true with diamonds and gemstones as they shine color and light all across the face for a dazzling effect.

This pair of Simon G. earrings from the Fallen Leaves collection has 18k white and yellow gold, as well as a strip of brilliant diamonds. These unique pieces will look perfect for spring and autumn, as they resemble one of fall’s most significant phenomena.

Grow and Bloom into Spring With Floral Jewelry 0

Ring Around the Rose

Fashion rings are often used as a focal point for designer brands’ creativity. Their small and subtle silhouettes allow brands the space to go make unique and intricate pieces. Many jewelry makers craft fantastic floral pieces that are eccentric and stunning.

This 18k white and rose gold floral ring is a mesmerizing and elegant ring that shows off a nature-inspired flower design with diamond details on the petals. It is ideal for anyone who wants to wear a regal and enchanting piece.

Grow and Bloom into Spring With Floral Jewelry 0

Rest Your Necklace Upon Laurels

Necklaces hang roughly around the middle of one’s silhouette, so they are often the most eye-catching of pieces. Many outfits appear bare without a necklace, as they lack that certain je ne sais quoi to complete their aesthetic. Floral necklaces present a unique opportunity to celebrate the season as their size enables them to showcase the many hues and shapes of spring.

This ruby and diamond necklace has fiery red gemstones set in a four-petaled flower pattern surrounded by a layer of diamonds. For those who want to celebrate the season with a spectacular piece, this necklace fits the bill.

Grow and Bloom into Spring With Floral Jewelry 0

Talk With Your Flowery Hands

Bracelets are elegant, sophisticated pieces that can elevate every outfit. They exude fashion, style, and luxury. Their circular design makes them perfect for floral jewelry as they can look like trellises intertwined with dazzling diamond designs.

This 18k yellow and white bangle bracelet has a peerless radiance and glamor. With its extravagant and breathtaking design, it is a worthwhile addition to any collection.

Grow and Bloom into Spring With Floral Jewelry 0

Make Your Spring Jewelry Bloom With Michael Agnello Jewelers

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