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Gift Guide to Jewelry

July 15th, 2022

Gift Guide to Jewelry 0

Everyone loves jewelry. Whether an understated sterling silver necklace or a spectacular gemstone ring, a piece of luxurious jewelry is ideal for conveying your love and appreciation. However, picking the perfect one can be a complex process. Jewelry designers from all over make a wide variety of collections that appeal to many kinds of people. When buying a gift for a loved one, here are a few ideas to consider from our Michael Agnello Jewelers team.

Gift Guide to Jewelry 0

Motifs: Heart on Your Sleeve

Some jewelry features motifs so as to express the wearer’s personality and tastes more easily. These pieces make for great gifts as they rely upon the giver’s relationship with the recipient. For instance, if they have a fondness for butterflies, a butterfly necklace lets them express that part of themself.

This 10k white gold and diamond heart necklace is a perfect gift for a romantic partner. Its heart shape immediately conveys affection and love, a statement further elevated by glittering diamonds and bright white gold.

Gift Guide to Jewelry 0

Style: Effortless and Easy Beauty

It’s hard to buy jewelry for people in the same way it is to buy clothes: everyone’s aesthetic is different. If you are not sure what their jewelry preferences are, we recommend something that goes well with everything. That way you can be sure it’ll meld easily with their existing wardrobe.

A pair of diamond studs completes any outfit. With a dash of dazzling brilliance, these earrings compliment every ensemble with light and luxury.

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Cost: Within Reason

When purchasing someone a gift, carefully consider your relationship with them. Even if your special person is worth splurging on, they may prefer you to have a place to live rather than buy them a diamond necklace. Remember that they care about you too.

This sterling silver pearl necklace is an excellent gift featuring several enchanting pearls with sterling silver beads. Despite its affordability, it has a sophisticated style that makes it an exquisite centerpiece for a necklace stack.

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Birthstones: Color Magic

For a more personable present, consider incorporating their birthstone into the piece. Whether it’s peridot or sophisticated sapphire, a colorful birthstone makes it all the more personal. It also grants them a unique piece that lets them portray their identity, as well as proves that you know when their birthday is.

For those born in September, this 18k white gold sapphire bracelet is magnificent. It has a breathtaking blue hue that strikes awe into every viewer, further elevated by the bright white gold.

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Find the Perfect Jewelry Gifts at Michael Agnello Jewelers

Michael Agnello Jewelers is St. Clair Shores’ source for sophisticated luxury gifts. No matter who it’s for or what the occasion is, our selection of jewelry designers is guaranteed to suit. We even provide a myriad of timepieces. Discover a realm of beauty and style in our showroom. We also offer jewelry repair and appraisals provided by our incredible team of experts.

Our love for fashion and fine jewelry is only paralleled by the tastes of the discerning people of Michigan. To learn more about everything we can help you with, call our jewelry store at (586) 294-7730 or email us at to speak with one of our staff.