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Father’s Day Fashion Jewelry Gift Guide

May 15th, 2022

Father’s Day Fashion Jewelry Gift Guide 0

In this complicated world of ours, it can be hard to spend time with our families. We are always busy with work, errands, and other obligations. This Father’s Day, take a moment to stop and show your dad, pops, pawpaw, poppa, or old man just how much you care. Whether watching a film together or going to dinner, make sure that they know you appreciate them and all that they do. A piece of jewelry is an exemplary way to do so. These timeless symbols of luxury accentuate any outfit and provide a constant reminder of you.

Father’s Day Fashion Jewelry Gift Guide 0

Bracelets: Sophistication and Edge

Bracelets are an exquisite way to elevate an outfit. While women’s bracelets traditionally use bold and shapely designs, men’s bracelets opt for a more subtle approach. They use simplistic silhouettes and uncomplicated forms, accentuating rather than displaying light and color. Bracelets are easy to wear and match with clothing, so they are guaranteed to become an everyday part of one’s wardrobe.

This Simon G. bracelet is a paragon of this variety. It shows the potential of many of the design elements that define men’s bracelets. Its titanium and 14k white gold construction is unheard of in women’s jewelry but allows for a more durable and masculine aesthetic. The piece also features a plethora of black diamonds.

Father’s Day Fashion Jewelry Gift Guide 0

Necklaces: Classic Chain

Necklaces are the most common and iconic form of men’s jewelry. Chain necklaces are particularly ubiquitous, as they are beloved for their subtle beauty. These pieces have intricate metalwork and few, if any, adornments. While yellow gold is the most common, there are made of just about any precious metal out there. Not only are precious metals like gold and silver used, but so are titanium, platinum, and more.

This Simon G. chain necklace is a classic gold necklace with an elevated design. Its 14k yellow gold links have peerlessly intricate metalwork, making them bold and intriguing. This is a truly marvelous, enticing piece.

Father’s Day Fashion Jewelry Gift Guide 0

Earrings: Studly Studs

Some men choose to wear earrings. If your dad is interested in trying them out or already has his ears pierced, they can be an excellent gift. Usually, men choose to wear studs. These minimalist pieces are easy to wear and exude maximum fashion. However, not all studs are the same. While they are all on the smaller side, some are more feminine than others.

We recommend sticking to a classic diamond stud. This Simon G. diamond stud has that timeless diamond but with a masculine geometric twist. It is not only highly fashionable but also expressive. If the dad you’re buying for wears earrings, this is an exceptional choice.

Father’s Day Fashion Jewelry Gift Guide 0

Find Fashion Jewelry for Father’s Day at Michael Agnello Jewelers

At Michael Agnello Jewelers, we can make all of your Father’s Day dreams come true. With our fantastic selection of luxury jewelry and timepieces made by the most admired brands, we can ensure that your dad will receive a present beyond their wildest imaginings. We only staff our St. Clair Shores showroom with the most highly trained and friendly experts, so as to provide our customers with professional jewelry services. To learn more, contact us at (586) 294-7730 to speak with us about our selection and services.