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Earrings Perfect for Spring Updos

February 15th, 2023

A woman with a side french braid is about to walk up some stairs between buildings and has drop diamond earrings on

Show off your earring collection with the newly available real estate that tied back hairstyles allow for. Choose pieces in trending styles that exhibit your unique fashion sense as well as frame your face in sparkle, highlighting your most important features. We house a truly unparalleled selection of earrings here at Michael Agnello Jewelers, and have put together a guide to some of our favorite styles we’re sure you’ll love this spring.

Long dangly yellow gold and diamond earrings

Long Drop Earrings

This season we’re certain to see plenty of extra long, shoulder-dusting drop earrings. These extravagant pieces sway with your every move, creating a stunning display of light and attracting plenty of attention. These diamond and yellow gold earrings from Uneek are a relatively minimalistic pair for someone who wants to dip their toe into this bold trend.

Contemporary pearl and gem drop earrings


In 2023, you can also expect a continuation of the “pearlcore” trend in which the use of timeless pearls is reimagined via organically shaped baroque pearls, pearls paired with chunky chains and intricate metal work, and more. We’re particular fans of these distinctive drop earrings by Honora that feature two different types of pearls and sparkling blue gems in an intricate cut that are perfect for spring.

Pear shaped green tourmaline drop earrings surrounded by diamonds and precious metal

Vibrant Gemstones

One of the best ways to dress for spring is to incorporate plenty of bright colors. Choose gemstone earrings that feature colors reminiscent of nature in the springtime. Verdant green, for instance, is wonderfully fitting. These green tourmaline earrings from Simon G., in an elegant pear cut, are ideal for a formal outing and are certain to inspire awe in onlookers.

Rose gold and blue enamel hoops with diamond details

Fun and Funky Enamel

Enamel has risen recently in popularity, as it provides designers a medium by which to convey rich, opaque color in an immense variety of hues. Essentially, you can find enamel jewelry in every color imaginable. Consider a pair of earrings like these bright blue hoops from Simon G. for an accessory that is fun and flirty and, if you’re a blue-eyed beauty, will certainly make your eyes pop.

Wing like stud earrings crafted out of precious white gold and a multitude of tiny diamonds along the curves and lines that make it appear like wings

Elaborate Studs

Typically, stud earrings are less noticeable, peeking out occasionally from behind your hair when you wear it down. Updos, though, allow stud earrings to be put on full display, so pick pieces that are elaborate and eye-catching. These incredible silver studs, for instance, sprawl across the ear of the wearer in an unexpected way that will express your individualistic fashion sense.

A woman outside with sunglasses and hair in a bun wearing hoop earrings and a hoop through her cartridge as well

Shop Earrings for Updos at Michael Agnello Jewelers

Let Michael Agnello Jewelers be your destination for the top tier quality accessories painstakingly crafted and designed by renowned brands. We’ve stocked our St. Clair Shores jewelry store with pieces that reflect our commitment to excellence and we’re certain our selection will satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.

Enlist the help of our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals to guide you through our store, providing information and insight to help you make the best decision for you. Contact us today to learn more about all of our products and services, or browse our inventory online.