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Back to School Jewelry

August 15th, 2022

Back to School Jewelry 0

Summer break is over. The emotional impact of this depends on the person, but the impact of fashion does not. It is always essential to maintain an image of style and luxury. No matter whether it’s for university or high school, there are plenty of options to project oneself through a glamorous accessory. As students are always on the go, it’s vital for their jewelry to go along with them. Here are a few of our favorite fashion jewelry pieces at Michael Agnello Jewelers that will be great for the school year.

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Stacktastic Fashion Rings

Fashion rings are a staple of any noteworthy jewelry collection. Available in a wide range of styles and silhouettes, they can be worn with other pieces to create a “stack.” By combining fashion rings in complementary forms, it’s easy to create a look that’s personal and expressive.

For a focal point, try this ruby and 18k white gold ring by Uneek. Its passionate red gemstone is surrounded by a floral halo of tiny yet dazzling diamonds, making it an ideal eye-catcher. Surround it with more minimalist pieces to create a vibrant masterpiece of light and luxury.

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Steadfast Studs

Earrings are essential for completing a look. They add a flash of color to one’s visage by framing one’s face with light and magic. There’s nothing more classic than a set of stud earrings. Easy to wear and match with an outfit, they are a perfect item for accessorizing. In spite of their small size, designer brands make all kinds of studs that are bold in appearance yet minute in form.

This pair of 18k yellow gold and pearl studs is versatile and attractive. Their spectacular, luxurious gold outlines a modern and pleasant square of gleaming pearls. They will match most ensembles, making them an ideal signature pair.

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Effortless Chains

A chain necklace is one of the most iconic kinds of jewelry. Beloved by men and women, they evoke the image of glamor, fashion, and elegance. While traditionally these necklaces are minimalistic, designers often imbue these pieces with a variety of aesthetics. Some have exquisite metalwork, others have gemstone touches to accentuate the entire piece. Either way, chains are effortlessly magnificent and fit seamlessly with almost any ensemble.

The 18k yellow gold chain necklace is one of the more luxurious examples of the form. With its large precious metal links, this necklace is wonderfully trendy and suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

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Expressive Pendants

A small motif is a quick way to express personality and taste. Pendants are a particularly adept setting for motifs, as they hang at the center of the silhouette. They are easy to spot and charming. Another plus is that they are often more affordable than other pieces.

This sterling silver snowflake pendant is thematic and delightful. It spruces up a cold-weather outfit with a playful touch.

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