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A Guide to Unique Engagement Rings at Michael Agnello Jewelers

October 18th, 2020

A Guide to Unique Engagement Rings at Michael Agnello Jewelers 0

There are very few jewelry pieces that are as precious as your engagement ring. This specific piece of jewelry represents one of the most special moments in life when your significant other asks you to spend the rest of your lives together. We’ve created this guide to help you find the most distinctive and reflective engagement rings that you will love forever.

Unique Halo Engagement Rings

So what exactly makes a halo engagement ring unique? There are several different elements all listed within these specific collections that will have you falling in love with this particular style.

A Guide to Unique Engagement Rings at Michael Agnello Jewelers 0

Peter Storm: Diverse Halos

Peter Storm’s Diverse Halo engagement rings are sure to catch the eye and will complement the big question with peak glamour. Blending vintage and glamorous styles effortlessly, these engagement rings have a sophisticated prong setting and an elegant nature that’s guaranteed to “wow”. Each halo’s rounded stones are the ideal shape to create a uniquely-styled design crafted to stand out before her big day.

Caro74: Brilliance Defined

Admired for their exceptional spark and elegance, Caro74 diamond engagement rings feature signature cut diamonds with 16 additional facets along the pavilion to provide maximum brilliance. The radiant diamonds come together exquisitely as side stones making the collection a one-of-a-kind choice for a sparkling halo ring style. Every Caro74 engagement ring comes with a petite diamond at the base of the shank, showcasing their signature diamonds to signify two people coming together to share their lives.

Valina: Floral Halos

Valina is focused on creating a ring that flawlessly represents your love, laughter and happily ever after. This Valina halo engagement ring features a rose-like design that sweeps up from the band making for a trendsetting appearance. Other floral halo options dazzle with blooming metals and swirling cradled halos that give off a feminine yet natural essence. With fully customizable options, Valina allows each client to transform their desired ring into anything they have imagined.

Show Stopping Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for something that will shine irresistibly in unique configurations, these showstopping collections are the perfect place to look for your dream engagement ring.

A Guide to Unique Engagement Rings at Michael Agnello Jewelers 0

Frederic Sage: Unique

Are you searching for out-of-the-box geometric designs? Frederic Sage Unique engagement rings will make a statement on the finger of any bride-to-be. This collection features enchanting, elegant styles that are more akin to modern art. By selecting this collection, you’re gaining the opportunity to showcase a trendsetting style that is likely to have everyone wondering where you got it from.

Demarco: Love Knot

Completely encrusted with elegant diamonds and pink accents, Demarco’s Love Knot engagement rings are one of the most transformative styles you’ll see within the jewelry market. They feature multiple brilliant diamonds expertly placed on every inch of the ring both inside and out to create an absolutely stunning engagement ring for those special brides-to-be. From thick 4-rowed diamonds to intertwined bands, these engagement rings take on a whole new level of perfection.

Peter Storm: Opulence

Are you looking for something even bolder? The Peter Storm Opulence Collection is a sight to behold. This collection features three completely different styles all guaranteed to turn heads with their robust and elegant design work. A glamorous tale, these diamond rings would feel right at home on a regal throne. The rose gold ring features a tapestry of gemstones such as garnet, amethyst, ruby, and sapphire, creating an unforgettable design.

Colored Side-Stone Engagement Rings

If you were intrigued by the use of gemstones, you might consider adding a bit of color and flair to your unique engagement ring style. Let’s see what rings might take your breath away and give you the personalization you’re dreaming of. 

A Guide to Unique Engagement Rings at Michael Agnello Jewelers 0

Natalie K: Le Rose

You have the opportunity to bring a classic, rose gold color into a unique design that’s sure to fit your warm and timeless style with Natalie K’s Le Rose Collection. Often blending rose gold and white gold in two-tone designs, it’s easy to become hypnotized by the swirling features. Expertly set pink diamonds add a blush tone that remains glowing and serene. Get excited over these incredible designs and find an eye-catching piece perfectly representative of your beautiful love story.

Frederic Sage: Solitaire

A pop of color truly stands out when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. There’s nothing more exhilarating than going against the grain to find something that fits you and Frederic Sage’s Solitaire Collection is the best place to do that. Bursting with blue, red, black, or even yellow-hued side stones, your engagement ring is ready to dazzle.

Peter Storm: Geometry

If you’re looking for a design that features geometric shapes with elegantly-crafted sapphire gemstones, the Peter Storm Geometry collection is a radiant choice. This striking collection showcases unique engagement ring styles that contrast the deep blue of sapphires with the sparkling luminosity of clear diamonds. The addition of subtle, yet rich sapphires transforms these rings into one of the most distinctive and trendsetting engagement ring collections.

Shop Must-Have Unique Engagement Rings at Michael Agnello Jewelers

Michael Agnello Jewelers offers endless styles and collections to help couples everywhere find an engagement ring that uniquely ties into their hopes and dreams. If you’re looking for a place that’s focused on guiding their clients to discover the most breathtaking rings, Michael Agnello Jewelers is the place to shop.