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6 Ways to Secretly Determine Your Partner’s Engagement Ring Size

March 16th, 2021

6 Ways to Secretly Determine Your Partner’s Engagement Ring Size 0

The moment is almost here. You feel confident that your partner is the one, and you want to propose with an engagement ring that perfectly represents the passion you feel for each other. There is just one crucial detail that you need to figure out in order to set everything in motion: your partner’s engagement ring size. You don’t want to spoil the surprise by asking them about it directly, so are there alternative ways to find out? Consider these options to determine their ring size in secret.

Wear Their Fashion Rings

It might sound like a far-fetched option at first. However, in order to determine the proper engagement ring size to get your partner, you will have to consider every avenue to get an accurate reading. One way you could make this happen is to try on some of the fashion rings that they already own.

Use your fingers as the baseline to get a measurement for your partner’s ring. Chances are, your fingers are bigger than your partners, so you will want to look for where the ring stops as you slip it on. At the point where it gets stuck, make a mark to note for later. You can then wrap a tape measure around your finger to get an appropriate measurement or bring the mark to a jeweler for more precision. It is not foolproof, but it could be helpful information if you do it properly.

Use The “Subtle-Ask”

Chances are, your partner doesn’t know about your intentions to propose right now, so you might not be in a rush to finish this process quickly. If this is true, you can use a technique to get the information out of them without actually spoiling the surprise. You will have to bend the truth a little, but it will be worth it in the end.

Approach your partner and tell them that you are buying a ring for a family member that has similar-sized fingers, and need a comparison to measure their ring size with. They should be able to give you the number on the spot, ensuring that you have the most accurate measurement possible. They might get a little suspicious at first, but once you have the ring size you can take your time with the rest of the process. Use that to your advantage as you carefully select an engagement ring.

“Borrow” One of Their Fashion Rings

6 Ways to Secretly Determine Your Partner’s Engagement Ring Size 0

It might sound like you are immediately letting your partner in on your intentions, but the way you borrow their jewelry is crucial for this plan to work. To avoid arousing suspicion, the trick is to take it without them ever finding out. This method works best if you live with your partner, but you could potentially pull it off otherwise.

Pinpoint a date where your significant other will be busy or out of town. Once that has happened, carefully go through their jewelry to find a ring that they would wear on their ring finger. You can then bring that ring to a jeweler for them to properly measure, and then return it to their collection without a trace of evidence. If you can pull this off without being caught in the act, it is a concrete way of obtaining the measurement.

Or, You Can Trace a Ring

Let’s say you are not really the stealthy type. You also might not feel comfortable taking your partner’s jewelry for an extended period of time. There is a similar way of going about it with a minimal amount of effort and no real “borrowing”. For this method, you can wait until your partner is momentarily out of the house, or conduct it while they’re sleeping.

Similar to the last method, you will need to go through your partner’s jewelry to find an appropriate ring to measure. Instead of taking it entirely, trace the ring’s inner circumference on a piece of paper, being sure to draw as precisely as possible. Place the ring back, being careful not to leave any marks. You can then bring the outline drawing to a jeweler for reference. If you get the tracing down right, you will be able to get an accurate measurement without the worry of them noticing that something is missing.

Phone a Friend to Ask For You

6 Ways to Secretly Determine Your Partner’s Engagement Ring Size 0

If you are at the point in your life when proposals are taking up your Instagram feed, chances are you know someone who has recently gotten engaged. They should be your primary target, but there are other people you can employ as well. You should meet with the engaged friend and ask them to mention it in passing to your significant other while they are showing off their ring.

If you don't know someone who is engaged, you can always ask the help of one of their close friends or family. They can subtly ask your partner or they might already know off hand. For either of these two options, you should steer clear from people you consider to be “Chatty Kathy’s” since you don't want to risk them slipping the secret to your partner. Make sure when asking for help that it’s from someone you can completely trust.

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